Bottle Fed Puppies

Its what we do.

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Adoptable Pets


All of our animals come fully vetted, spayed/neutered and up to date on their yearly shots. 

Our Location

By Appointment Only


Walking Home Together


​Our Journey Home

Sometimes its a fundraiser, sometimes we just want to share the day with our followers. Check here to see where in the community we are this month!


Our Founder

Lori is the heart and soul of our organization. 


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These special animals need a forever home!

Because overpopulation due to the lack of consistent spay/neuter in our communities, our adoption center is always full of adorable and well-trained dogs and the occasional cat.  Adopt one today!

Our Journey Home is our commitment to our Veterans. Through this program, Military Vets can adopt sponsored animals at no charge. Please click below for more information.

Our Volunteers ROCK! 

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Monday - Friday: 10-5 appt only
Saturday & Sunday: appt only




Pets For Adoption

Can you take my Dog?


We rarely take owner surrendered animals. If you are struggling to keep your pet, contact us. We can perhaps offer some solutions to keep your pet in your family. 

I found this dog/cat/bird/unicorn, can you take it?

No, please contact your local animal control organization. Someone may be looking for their lost pet. 


Asked Questions.